Welcome To Most Heartless — 21st Century

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Welcome To Most Heartless — 21st Century
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Here s€x is free, and love has become a pocket full of notes. Where losing your cell phone is worse than losing your values. Where fashion is sm0king and drinking, you are obsolete if you do not.

The bathroom became a studio for photos and the church, the perfect place to check-in, in the twenty-first century, where men and women fear a pregnancy much more than HIV.

Where the pizza delivery service arrives faster than the ambulance, people die of fear of terrorists and criminals far more than they fear God.

Where clothes decide the value of a person and having money is more important than having friends or even family.

21st century, children can give up their parents for their virtual love. The parents forget to gather the family to the table for a harmonious dinner, talking about the day-to-day because they are entertained in their work or cellular.

Men and women often want relationships without obligations, and their only “commitment” becomes posing for photos and posting on social networks swearing eternal love where love became public or a play.

Where the most popular or the most followed with the most tanned in photos is the one that seems to squander happiness; the one who posts photos in cool and fun places surrounded by “empty friendships” with “uncertain loves” and “disunited families.”

People forgot to take care of the spirit, the empty soul, and decided to care for and worship their bodies.

Where else is liposuction to have the desired body of the “artistic world” than a university degree?

A photo in the gym has a lot more tanned than a photo studying or practicing good deeds.

21st century, you only survive if you play with “reason,” and you are destroyed if you act with your heart!



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